Today we're sharing our 7 tips that will make sure your bed linens last longer!

First up it’s always important to read the washing instructions carefully!

Tip two is to not use too much soap. Washing is primarily done by water, we just add soap to speed up the process of dissolving dirt. So, adding more soap is not the solution to cleaner sheets.

The third tip is to not use fabric softener, because it lays a film on the cotton fibres of your sheets. This will impact your sheets ability to absorb moisture, which is exactly what you do need them to do!

Tip number four is based on actual studies that have shown that washing your sheets weekly is just good practice. If you forget or skip a week, no harm is done.

Our fifth tip is to wash your sheets inside out. This will not only preserve the colour and design on your sheets far better, it also gives the inside of the fabric a good rinse, which is advised every now and then.

The sixth tip is one we’ve all heard, do not overfill your washing machine. More often than not I’m guilty of this one as I think “one load is more efficient than two”, but nothing is less true. Your bed linens need space to move around so they can actually get cleaned, and of course your washing machine will be grateful as well for not having to work extra hard.

Seventh tip but certainly not the least important is to avoid the dryer as much as you can, and to hang your bed linens on a clothesline or bannister instead. This’ll save you some ironing work as well!

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