An Fja-Oeyen duvet is completely handmade, and thus completely customizable. So if you’re feeling a bit cold at night we can add extra down to create a better isolation layer for your body’s needs. The same can be done in reverse if you’re finding that you’re a bit too warm at night.


If you have a queen size duvet and your partner isn’t running hot or cold, we can add additional channels to the duvet to redistribute and add or remove down without your partner having to compromise on sleeping comfort!


We keep track of the history of your duvet, which specifies how much down was included in the initial purchase, of which you always remain the owner. It also specifies any other changes done to the duvet at any later time, it’s like a mini ledger.


For any changes to your duvet we are happy to help you in one of our stores in Antwerp or Mol, where we can let our expertise help you create the perfect duvet for your needs!


Your down will be just like new

We can clean your duvet for you

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