A real duvet is something you have for life! All good things require some work though, and that’s no different with a down duvet. A little bit of daily maintenance goes a long way. Like most of us, down doesn't stay in one place throughout the night. Our tossing and turning moves it around in the duvet, making it become unevenly distributed. Some of the down settles in clumps as it slides down to the corners, resulting in warm toes but cold fingers! As down flakes trap air to form an insulation layer, the down has to be nice and loose to be able to do that. The looser they are, the more air is in between them, and that’s a good thing. Down flakes have little embranchements that can hold onto air. If they are not given the space to do so, for example when they’re stuck in a clump, they won’t be able to form an insulation layer. Not to mention that there will be less down in some spots than others when clumps form, weakening the insulation layer as there’s not enough down in certain spots. Down will inevitably slide down to the corners if it is not taken care of daily, so giving your duvet a few shakes every day will keep the down nicely distributed, making sure that it's always in its intended fluffy state, keeping you nice and warm at night!

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