Which down comforter is best for you is, of course, a very personal matter. Your advisor will be happy to guide you in your choice. However, there are a few things to look out for when buying a down comforter. So you can be sure that you are buying a quality product.


Do you have doubts about the quality of the down that your salesperson presents to you? First of all, check whether you can find the European standard EN12934 on the labelling. That standard already gives you a lot of information about it:

  • The type of poultry e.g. ducks or geese
  • The origin e.g. Northern Europe or Canada
  • The colour of the down filling
  • New merchandise (no reused down)
  • The quality class: from I to IV
  • The ratio of down to feathers expressed as a percentage of the number, not the volume

At Fja-Oeyen you can be sure of top quality (class I). We even stood at the cradle of the recognition of this standard. We therefore only use down from geese bred specifically for their down in freedom and dignified conditions. By the way, geese bred for their meat and liver give bad down. If you want good down, the geese must be perfectly cared for and fed healthy food.

The origin sometimes gives you an indication of the quality. In China, for example, there are simply no goose farms for down. So that's not a good sign on the label. If the down comes from Poland, there is also a 90% chance that it comes from a goose slaughterhouse. If you choose duck down instead of goose down, it's best if it comes from the far north and not from France, where they breed ducks for their soft meat.


If the down is made by craftsmen, they will be happy to show you the contents of the blanket or give you an insight into the production process. What you make yourself with passion for the product, is what you are proud of, isn't it?

Another useful tip: pay attention to the guarantee. Genuine, high-quality down will last a lifetime. A guarantee of about 10 years therefore points to down of a lower class.

If your retailer also states that the down is not washable, then something is really not right. Natural down can and should be washed. A real craftsman suggests that you wash your down every 7 to 8 years, separately from the upholstery.

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