Down comforter has flattened

Down comforter has flattened

If your duvet feels flatter and less voluminous than at first, this can have 2 causes. On the one hand it may be related to the quality of your filling. On the other hand, it may be that your down blanket has become dirty over the years. Let me explain both of these possibilities to you.

Differences in quality

As you can read throughout our website, there are huge differences in down quality, ranging from qualities with a ratio of down and feathers, to qualities made only from the purest down.

What is the relationship between quality and the flatness of a down comforter?
Well, at the time of purchase, every duvet may display a nice volume. But this volume is often seen to decrease in usage.

Let's start with the qualities that consist of a percentage of feathers, even if the down filling only contains 5% to 10% of these feathers. The plumes consist of a hard pin with symmetrical hairs on both sides. At first the tufts ensure, among other things, a firmer and heavier down blanket. The central pin is flexible and bends with the movements of your down blanket. But over time, it’s flexibility decreases and the feathers break into smaller pieces. These small pieces can no longer hold up the down comforter and it will therefore lose some of it’s volume. Which results in a flatter down comforter.

With down comforters filled with 100% down, you’ll also come across huge differences. Lesser qualities of down, at first glance, might seem to consist of 100% pure down. But appearances are sometimes deceiving. The down of these lower qualities also has a small pin or a pod. Here too, flexibility will decrease gradually and the pins will eventually break.

This is the reason why the aforementioned qualities must always be topped up after cleaning. They will be hygienically clean again after washing. But will not have increased in volume through the washing process. Basically the filling is partially broken and needs to be be partly replaced.

Flat down comforters due to dirt

Furthermore, a down blanket becomes flat due to the accumulated dirt inside of it. Every down blanket - in any quality - gradually becomes filthy through usage. We all perspire in our sleep, it’s a natural cleansing process of our body. Unfortunately our perspiration doesn’t consist of pure water.

The moisture evaporates but the residue sticks to the ends of the down. At a certain point, the down no longer has the power to remain fully open, which results in a flatter down blanket.

After washing, the differences in quality becomes visible. Only the purest down will nicely open up again. And, as it were, beautifully bloom again like a fresh flower. Display the same volume as at the time of purchase. This means your down comforter will not have to be refilled. This is the reason why Fja-Oeyen is the only specialist to grant you a lifetime guarantee on its down fillings.

Your down will be just like new

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