When traveling, you may have trouble sleeping. You find yourself in a different environment, in a different climate, breaking the daily routine. It is only logical that your body has to adapt. 


Not being able to sleep in another bed the first night, that' s perfectly normal. That's the conclusion of researcher Yuka Sasaki at Brown University. He tested people on their first and second nights in another bed. The first night, everyone slept less well.

Since we are all too well aware on the first night that we are not in a familiar environment, one brain hemisphere remains constantly alert. As a result, our deep sleep is actually less deep. In fact, we remain alert all the time. This can be compared to the way dolphins sleep. They always sleep with only one hemisphere.


Is bad sleep on holiday inevitable? Certainly not. Something can be done about it. We'll give you some tricks for a well-deserved night's sleep on the road.

Take your home with you

Remember when you were a kid you always slept faster with a certain toy or a sheet close to you? Well, that also works for adults. Of course it doesn't have to be a cuddly animal. A pillow, pillowcase or blanket is also possible. As long as it is familiar. On the plane, the hotel or the campsite, ... so you always feel at home.

Turn off the air conditioning

In many hotel rooms the air conditioning is on as standard, to make guests as comfortable as possible, no doubt. However, it is better to turn it off or at least turn it quieter, especially the first nights. You don't sleep with air conditioning at home, do you? The rustling sound and the unnatural coolness can affect your sleep quality.


Especially during a lazy holiday the temptation is great to spend the whole day on the beach or at the pool. If you want to fall asleep more easily, you should try doing something active every day. Walk, bike, jog, take the stairs and don't take the elevator, ... It can only help!

Defend yourself against insects

In warm and/or humid climates there are simply more mosquitoes. And they are all too happy to disturb your sleep! You should therefore provide yourself with a good mosquito repellent that contains Deet.
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