Is it ok to wash your down comforter in your own washing machine?

Is it ok to wash your down comforter in your own washing machine?

A question we often get is "Can I wash my down comforter in my washing machine at home?"
The short answer to this is: “It is possible, but we do certainly not recommend it.
Why not? Read on and understand why.



First and foremost, read the washing instructions for your down comforter on it’s label. Sometimes it clearly states that you can't wash it yourself. This means that the covering and the filling are not solid enough to withstand being washed in a regular washing machine. The down blanket might tear and/or you could damage your down filling.


There are lots of different down qualities. This depends on the size of the flakes, the amount of tufts, etc. It goes without saying: the lesser the quality, the lower it’s durability. Down comforters of a lesser quality are clearly too fragile to get through a washing machine treatment without being damaged.


Do you still want to try to wash your down blanket in your own washing machine? Then you should also realize that you’re actually mainly cleaning it’s outer shell. It’s filling, the real down, is only freshened up a little bit. After all, the majority of it sticks to the inside of the cover. That means that your down blanket never gets to be 100% clean. The same also applies to blankets with a synthetic or wool filling.


It’s essential to use a natural, soft soap when washing a down comforter. Even when you just try to remove a stain manually. Never treat real down with chemical products, do not use fabric softener and do not take your blanket to a regular dry cleaner. Because in that way you would damage even the best down quality.


Drying your down comforter is a difficult and labor-intensive task. After all, wet down tangles together and forms clusters. To get your down comforter completely dry, you can add (clean!) tennis balls to the tumble dryer.

Dry the comforter on the low setting. This will take some time—even up to a few hours. Here’s where your patience comes into play. The goal is to make sure the down is completely dry to prevent the growth of mold.

Stop the dryer and take the comforter out a few times (even 5 or 6 times) to fluff it up during the drying process. This will help redistribute the down so that it dries evenly. In any case, you always dry it at a low temperature.


The smartest way to maintain a down comforter is a cleaning by Fja-Oeyen, at least once every 7 years. Down comforters made up of cassettes/squares need to be washed every 5 years.
Our solution: we wash the down filling and upholstery separately and check your down carefully before refilling your blanket with it.
Is your down blanket in need of a thorough cleaning?


Worldwide only Fja-Oeyen Mol is certified to work with our finest down qualities. We notice that this is sometimes stated differently by some. Don’t let yourself be fooled by such false claims. If you have it washed by another company, there’s a real chance that your down comforter will come into contact with lesser down qualities and suffer from a lack of know-how.

We therefore cannot guarantee work that has not been carried out by Fja-Oeyen; in that case we can even no longer guarantee the quality of your down comforter.

If you want to be 100% sure of a quality cleaning, get in touch with us for advice!

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