Lucid Dreams

Lucid Dreams

Flying as fast as an F16, sitting on a cloud, walking through a wall... impossible, you think? Not in your dreams. In lucid dreaming, you live it all like it's real. 


In the real world, there are limits: you can't touch the sun, you can't make meter-high jumps or look through the eyes of a fly, ... Those 'obstacles' simply don't exist in your dreams. So there you have the chance to have experiences that are impossible in reality. Especially when you find yourself in a lucid dream and realize that you are dreaming.

Lucid dreaming is a fascinating phenomenon and therefore the subject of many investigations and films. In The Matrix or in Nolan's Inception, for example, the phenomenon comes to life completely, in an extreme form. But lucid dreaming is something that anyone can actually learn. 

It's a way to make those parts of your brain that you don't use during the day work while you sleep. Scientific research even proves that your brain is more active during a lucid dream. You find yourself in a different state of consciousness, as it were, one between sleeping and being awake.


Literally, lucid means 'bright', yet lucid dreaming is more than just remembering your dreams. In order to lucidly dream, you must realize during your dream that you are dreaming. How do you do that? The trick is to become more alert, pay attention to the details, absorb everything.

It starts during the day, when you're awake. Look closely at your surroundings and truly come to the realization that you are awake. Then you will also notice the details more quickly in your dream world, then you will see what's not right. Someone who is lucid is actually constantly in a higher state of alertness. 


By the way, there are gradations in your lucidity: from simply realizing that you are dreaming to steering and controlling your dreams. Usually you can only enter that highest phase of lucidity after a lot of practice.

Did you know that lucid dreaming is even used as therapy? For example for people with a lot of nightmares, traumas, stress or a writer's block. Creating and experiencing a dream world right from under your down ... it' s definitely worth a try! Sweet dreams!

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