When coming  into contact with moisture, down has the ability to soak up said moisture or humidity. Of course this only works up to a certain point, as down has a limited ability to absorb. As down flakes are not that big, they can only absorb that much when you submerge them in water.


Once the down is in a dry environment, it dries out completely, restoring itself to its original fluffiness or loft. And that’s what makes goose down the perfect material for duvets. To avoid those nights that we all have, where we wake up sweating because we’re too hot. Goose down will simply avoid that due to its moisture absorbing nature, and will just, you guessed it, absorb the excess sweat. 


It is to be said that it is important to choose the right down duvet that fits your needs. A heavier duvet might still cause you to wake up sweating, whereas a lighter one eliminates that possibility. The beauty of goose down is that a lighter duvet can be as warm, if not warmer than a heavy duvet, meaning you won’t have to compromise on the comfort of a warm night when you purchase a lighter weighing goose down duvet. We went into greater detail into the subject of weight versus warmth of down duvets in our Oktober blog, which you can read right here. 


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