Morning and evening peple

Morning and evening peple

Bouncing alive in the early morning or at your energy peak in the late hours, there's not much you can do about it. Wether you're a morning or night person, it is simply in your DNA. 

So no, you can't learn to get up early with a fresh mind. Working late and crawling under the down even later, it' s not something you get used to. At least not if you're not programmed that way. If you're a morning person, it always bothers you when you go to sleep late. If you rather describe yourself as a night person, you will never really succeed in jumping out of bed cheerfully when the alarm clock goes off at 6 o'clock.


This subject has been scientifically researched countless times, each time with new insights into the sleeping habits and lifestyle of larks and owls, as scientists call them. For some studies, they even analyzed the sleeping patterns of a group of people over a period of 20 years!

What is certain is that you can see in your genes which of these two types you belong to. These genes determine your melatonin production, cortisol production and even the moment when your body temperature starts to drop in order to fall asleep. We are simply different.

At the University of Surrey, for example, Dr. Simon Archer discovered that the gene called Period-3 affects your biological clock. If you have a long version of this gene, you're a morning person. A short version of Period-3 makes you a night owl. In addition, you yourself have two versions of this gene - one from each parent - which means that this trait is expressed in a more extreme way if, for example, you twice have a long Period-3.


By the way, your biological clock is not the only thing that distinguishes morning people from night people. Whatever type you belong to, you will notice the pros and cons for yourself. 

For example, night people are more likely to suffer from insomnia and other sleeping problems, as they usually get less sleep than the morning types. As a result, morning people are generally happier than night people. After all, society is built around their day and night rhythms. A lot of night owls can't help but fall asleep late but have to get out of bed early in the morning. Scientists call this phenomenon social jet lag.

Early birds are said to be meticulous, conformist and proactive, to be more cooperative and to suffer less from procrastination. However, it was also found that night owls are generally more intelligent, creative and even productive. So whether you are a lark or an owl, just play to your strengths!

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