You wouldn't expect it, but sleep disturbances are actually common. More than 25% of adults are affected by them. Not every sleep disorder is a chronic issue. Sometimes it only shows up a few times in your life. A selection of recognizable and strange sleep disorders!


Maybe you have already experienced that someone starts talking in his sleep: one of your friends at camp in the past, your partner or your child. It can range from some mumbling or strange noises to full conversations. It's usually not serious. Just like snoring, it can of course disturb your sleep partner at night.

How is that possible? Talking in your sleep can have several causes. Stress or depression can contribute to this, but nightmares, fever or even alcohol can also have this effect. The clearest sentences are said when you are still in your light sleep. By the way, did you know that it is more common in men and children?


Sleepwalking or somnambulism mainly occurs during deep sleep. It is therefore very difficult - and not a good idea - to wake up a sleepwalker. This disorder can be quite dangerous. You can hurt yourself or others, because you are not really conscious. Even with open eyes, coordination and judgment are very poor while sleepwalking.

It is common for people to start eating or doing chores that normally happen during the day. Some sleepwalkers even become aggressive. In children, sleepwalking usually occurs between the ages of 3 and 7 and is linked to bedwetting, fever or anxiety. For example, many children urinate in unusual places, which is also quite bothersome ...


This movement disorder mostly looks strange. You get uncontrollable short muscle contractions during sleep, from your toes, knees, legs, arms or even all limbs at once. The cause is as yet unknown.

Doctors suspect a shortage of dopamine, iron or hereditary predisposition. In any case, it is not a muscle disease. However, it can harm your health because this disorder makes you sleep less deeply. A lack of sleep can thus be the result if you suffer a lot from this condition. 


A curious phenomenon is sleep paralysis. You think you're waking up, but you're not. You want to move your body but it doesn't happen. This disorder occurs in REM sleep and is sometimes accompanied by hallucinations. Some people claim to see a black shadow or objects from an earlier dream. Frightening, isn't it?

About 50% of all people experience this at some point in their lives, but there are people who experience it every night! The phenomenon has existed for centuries. We know this from the many references in literature and art. For example, in the Middle Ages they thought that demons or witches came to get them, and there are people in the US who are convinced that aliens are going to kidnap them. The real cause is still being investigated, but at least it' s in the brain and not on Mars ...

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