Now that the sun is coming out and nature is in full bloom again, it might start to tickle to make your house spring fresh. If you want to get organised, draw up a plan for spring cleaning. 


Step 1: Away with dust
A day off and nice weather outside ... the moment to move all the furniture in your bedroom in order to reach all corners and cracks with the vacuum cleaner or feather duster.

Step 2: curtains and carpets
Curtains and carpets easily retain dust - and thus dust mites. Clean your carpets or take them to the dry cleaner. Remove your curtains from the rails to wash them or hang them outside for a few hours to air them.

Step 3: Wardrobe emptying
Empty your wardrobe completely and sweep the inside. Only fill them with the clothes you're really still wearing. New spring, new beginning!

Step 4: your bed as new again
Get everything off your bed: bed linen, duvet, pillows, mattress cover. Open the windows to air your mattress. Put all your bed linen in the washing machine and let it hang to dry outside.

Also check if your duvet and pillows are still in good condition. If you have down from Fja-Oeyen, it will last you a lifetime. However, in order to keep them in optimal shape at all times, and for hygiene reasons of course, it's best to have our down washed every 7 to 8 years.

Step 5: sponge at the ready
Your windows, doors, floor and even the radiator, also benefit from spring cleaning. Clean them with a moss skin or sponge and lukewarm soapy water.

So, now you can crawl into your soft bed in a fresh bedroom in the evening... and with a feeling of satisfaction!

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