We don’t simply stuff your entire duvet into a washer to let it dry later, there’s a few more steps to it.

Step 1: Assessment of the duvet

The first step starts when you bring your duvet into one of our stores in Antwerp or Mol. We assess the current state of the entire duvet. This means that we don’t only look at its cleanliness, but also at the quality of the duvet cover. It may be time for a replacement, which we will let you know when you bring it in. 

Step 2: Open up the duvet

During step two we carefully open up the duvet by removing the stitching on its cover and empty it completely! All of the down is removed from its cover. It’s during this step that the difference between a channel duvet and a cassette duvet become apparent, as the latter cannot be reused because opening it to extract the down causes irreparable damage. 

Step 3: Washing the down

The down and the cover go into separate washing machines during step three. The down is washed in our specialized washer that’s built just for washing down. The whole experience is like looking into a snow globe!

Step 4: Refilling

The last step consists of refilling the washed or new cover with the washed down, and you’ll be good to go for the next 5 years! 


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