Please, don’t let yourself be fooled. The measurements of your duvet truly matter. If it’s too small it won’t stay in place, and if it’s too big it will become too hard to handle. A duvet should fit perfectly.

Our solution? Side panels.

Duvet vs. Mattress sizing

An additional 30 cm’s of duvet, in comparison to your mattress, can provide you with the most comfortable of sleeps as it’ll stay in place much better! Our signature Fja-Oeyen side panels will make sure that however much you toss and turn, a cold draft will never enter your sheets as the side panels will move with you and make sure your body is covered at all times. They also make sure that you won’t be cold when sharing the bed with a partner that likes to steal the blankets. We all know a blanket thief!

Size vs. Warmth

You might think that a bigger duvet will solve this issue but that’s not necessarily true. In fact, the more duvet hangs off the side of your bed, the thinner the insulation layer of down that’s on top of you will be, and the colder you will be. That’s because too much weight on the down will flatten it. As down needs air to fluff up and create an insulation layer, this makes it impossible for the down to create the warmth you need.  You won’t be gaining any comfort or warmth by purchasing a larger duvet.

The side panels are the perfect way to solve this issue. They make the duvet larger without actually needing more down. This also helps you economize a bit!

Your down will be just like new

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