With nights getting colder we’re noticing that there are some questions regarding how to choose the correct size of duvet. It’s not difficult and we’d love to tell you how to get started. Let’s start with the single duvet, made for one person. A width of 140cm is more than enough for a single duvet to keep you warm at night! Do you prefer more comfort or do you just enjoy rolling yourself into a duvet burrito? Go for the one with a width of 160cm. The process is a little bit different with a double duvet. The starting point is now your mattress. The golden rule for the perfectly sized duvet is to add 30cm’s of duvet onto each side of your mattress. This means that the perfect duvet for a mattress with a width of 180cm would be 240cm. People that sleep on a mattress of 200cm wide would be best to opt for a duvet of 260cm. So you see, the math is fairly simple! Let’s not forget about the length of the duvet, as that’s often a point of discussion! My great grandfather sold duvets with a standard length of 200cm, but this was 60 years ago!! Now, 60 years later, our experience and statistics have shown that the average person is now taller. The standard length of 200cm has made way for a new standard length, which is 220cm. Are you still doubting these measurements? Yet again your mattress proves to be the best point of reference. Do you currently sleep on a mattress that’s 200cm long, and is that just fine? Then keep sleeping under a duvet that’s 200cm long as well!! Remember, don’t change it if it ain’t broken! We hope this helps you take those first steps towards a better night’s sleep!

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