The same duvet on your bed year round? It’s possible!

The same duvet on your bed year round? It’s possible!

After 60 years in the world of down we are very familiar with the biggest myth: that down duvets are too warm for summer. Nothing is less true! A good night’s sleep depends and choosing the right duvet! ...


The right duvet keeps you warm at night without feeling heavy. A duvet that feels heavy can feel claustrophobic, which can create the illusion that you’re transpiring. This can be experienced as sweating.

Our Jupiter duvet is the only duvet that can stay on your bed comfortably year round. That’s because it is our lightest quality and the duvet won’t feel heavy. During summer months it feels nice and light, while during winter months it feels nice and cozy.

This is true for 95% of our customers. Choosing a duvet is therefore not a one size fits all, it’s more of a 95% fits all.

The remaining 5% of our customers choose to have a summer duvet, that contains less down and feels even lighter.


There’s a duvet for everyone!


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