Since 1958 the Oeyen family has been making duvets according to traditional craftsmanship. It was Frans Jozef Albert Oeyen who founded the family business Fja-Oeyen together with his son Gust. Meanwhile, with Piet Oeyen and wife An, the third generation is at the helm. The children Flip, Rik, Toon and Mieke are also joining the company and so the fourth generation is also joining the company.

Handmade duvets have been made in the Oeyen family's workshop for more than 60 years. This traditional craftsmanship was rewarded in 2012 with the opening of a second shop in Antwerp. Moreover, in 2015 the family business received the Handmade in Belgium label, a recognition for makers of authentic and traditional Belgian quality products.

Quality is extremely important for this duvet manufacturer. Even though it is tempting to go along with the flow of mass production, the family remains faithful to its local production. Fja-Oeyen's duvets are made of honest, pure material and guarantee Belgian top quality, spread over various price ranges. 

Antwerpen Manager - March 2016

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