1. Sheets.

Sheets are the very basis of your bed. Neutral sheets are a staple you can build on and play with! Here’s the sheets we would use to build a luxurious looking and feeling bed!

  • Fitted Sheet. Featuring an elastic hem, the fitted sheet is placed directly on top of your mattress and should fit snugly.
  • Top Sheet. The flat sheet goes on top of the fitted sheet and provides a slight extra layer of warmth. The top sheet is optional, and can be used to expand the longevity of your duvet cover as it provides a layer between your body and the cover.

2. Down Duvet

Here’s where we get into the good stuff! A real down duvet can change your life, and we are not overstating it! There is incredible value in finding a duvet that regulates temperature to keep you warm and cozy all night long. It not only keeps your warm, but it’s extremely cozy as down duvets are generally very light. It basically feels like a warm hug throughout the night.

3. Duvet Cover

A duvet cover not only protects your duvet and helps  keep it clean, it can also be a statement piece in your bedroom that brightens up the place! Going for classic colours allows you to change up decorations with pillows and blankets.

4. Summer Duvet

When the weather warms up and the struggle to keep your bedroom cool, you may notice your down duvet is getting too warm. It might be time for a summer duvet. Even lighter yet still the exact warmth you need for a cozy and restful night.

5. Blanket

There’s something luxurious about a blanket draped over the end of your bed. Whether it be a fuzzy blanket, or a chunky knitted one, it creates a more finished look.

6. Pillowcases

Pillowcases are heavily used as you rest on top of them as opposed to underneath your duvet cover. You want to make sure you pick a fabric that feels gentle and comforting against your face, like linen for example. They are also a great way to bring some colour into the bedroom as they are more easily interchangeable as you decorate or redecorate. We suggest having two pillows per person on the bed, as this will allow you to sit up comfortably while you read a book late at night, and it also adds to that cozy feel and luxurious look!


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