What to look for in bed linens?

What to look for in bed linens?

Did you know that bed linens actually play an important role in your night’s rest? The right linens will compliment the way a duvet works, which will only add to the quality of your sleep.


We always advise choosing a material with good breathability, as it will allow your duvet to absorb the air it needs to stay plump. When the down particles don’t have access to enough air they will start to act flat and dull. That’s because the barbs need air to hold onto, it’s why down is so fluffy and plump. Without the necessary air, there’s nothing for the down particles to hold onto and so they’ll just lay flat.


An excellent fabric for bed linens is cotton, because it offers good air circulation. There are of course many different cotton blends, and some are better than others when it comes to bedding. A lighter cotton will allow more air than for example a heavier polyester cotton blend.


Our very own bedding is custom made with the best materials that contribute to your night’s rest and the lifespan of your duvet!


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