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From clothes onto down. During World War Two, as a tailor, Frans Jozef Albert (FJA) Oeyen was sent to Germany to mend suits.
There, he slept on a bag filled with straw and feathers: his very first contact with down.
After the war, the profession of tailor was called into question by the rise of ready-to-wear clothing. So in 1958 Frans decided to create duvets. In the meantime, his son Gust had turned out to be a top salesman. They enthusiastically put their shoulders to their new joint livelihood: handmade duvets with high-quality down.

Artisanal craftsmanship

Artisanal craftsmanship

Fja-Oeyen down duvets and bed linen are tailor-made to your exact requirements. Our family company has also been recognised as artisanal craftspeople by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Economy, SMEs, and Self-Employed and our products proudly carry the ‘Handmade in Belgium’ label of authenticity.

Produced locally

Produced locally

We handmake the very best down duvets and accessories at our workshop in Mol. You’ll discover the quality is unbeatable. Made by hand, our products follow a very short chain to you. You’ll find our products exclusively in our showrooms, our webshop and at trade shows, exhibitions and fairs. Would you like to take a look behind the scenes? No problems! Make your appointment for a visit to our workshop, our down-laundering facilities and our showroom in Mol.



Fja-Oeyen is a pioneer when it comes to sustainability. We are up-front and proud of our products, using excellent quality materials and designs that, when treated correctly, ensure your duvet will last a lifetime.

Animal friendly

Animal friendly

Fja-Oeyen was there when EN 12934, the standard for down quality, came to life. A number of different elements helped to define it, including the colour and origins of a down filling, the species of bird the down comes from and the ratio of down and feathers, expressed as a percentage of the total filling. We have taken extra steps to make sure our products stand out.

History of Fja-Oeyen

  1. The Fja-Oeyen story all starts with the man to whom the company owes its name. Frans Jozef Albert (FJA) Oeyen originally made his living as a tailor. In 1938 he opened his own business, but during the occupation in WW2 he was sent to Germany to work as a labourer. During that time he had to repair suits and spent his nights sleeping on a bag filled with straw and feathers: his first encounter with his future life’s work.

  2. After the war Albert returned to Belgium. But the tailoring profession was under threat, partly due to the rise of ready-to-wear clothing. As such, he decided to take on a new challenge.

    Together with his son Gust, a born salesman, Albert started a new project: handcrafted duvets filled with high-quality down. And with that, Fja-Oeyen was born.

  3. The third generation is now at the helm of the family business. The market is changing rapidly, but Fja-Oeyen’s craftsmanship never falters. Each down is still made by hand, according to traditions that have been refined over generations.

    Later on, thanks to our expertise, we are also involved in the development of the EN 12934 standard; the European standard that determines down quality according to a number of aspects such as colour and origin.

  4. Our craftsmanship continues to provide a good night’s sleep in the new millennium. And every generation continues to leave its mark on Fja-Oeyen. We open an extra showroom in Antwerp and venture beyond the bedroom – even yachts and B&Bs are now equipped with our down products! All holiday-goers can now enjoy our unique and unrivalled quality.

Quality is everyone's responsibility.

Albert Oeyen

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