The best finish
for a good down duvet

The right filling distribution ensures that your duvet is perfectly balanced. The chosen finish ensures that the down duvet is easy to shake, that heat can circulate properly and that you can continue to enjoy the high quality of your duvet in between washes. At Fja-Oeyen, we use various different methods, each of which offers a unique advantage. Each finish depends on the quality of the chosen filling, but also on the functionality of your down duvet.



We have been using channels to finish our down duvets for generations. The long channels which run parallel down the length of the duvet provide ideal ventilation and each contain the same amount of down. The channels are separated by a seam, so that the down can be perfectly distributed over the entire duvet.

  • Duvet can be shaken
  • Only needs to be cleaned once every seven years
  • Giving the duvet a shake in the morning is enough
  • Ideal ventilation
  • Can be adjusted if you buy a bigger/smaller bed


A cassette-style duvet consists of several squares. The perfect method for downs that are of a slightly lower quality, which do not stay in place inside the channels. The cassette method ensures that the down remains evenly distributed throughout the duvet. The fabric needs to be replaced every time it is washed thoroughly.

  • Down does not shift
  • Less effective ventilation
  • Gets dirty quicker (wash every five years)
  • Shell cannot be washed (needs replacing when cleaned)

Summer duvets

Or the circle method. Characterised by the circles that are stitched all over the duvet. They act as ventilation ducts to allow excess heat to escape more quickly. Ideal for the summer!

  • A very thin version of our standard duvet
  • Perfect for the summer
  • Filling and shell can be washed
  • Requires a little more care and attention when shaking


This finish is very similar to the channel method, but the channels are half as wide. So you end up with a duvet that is a lot thinner. Perfect for people who love to sleep under a lighter duvet.

  • Less filling creates a light duvet
  • Both filling and shell can be washed
  • Good ventilation
  • Giving the duvet a shake in the morning is enough
  • Dimensions can be adjusted
Summer duvets

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