The perfect duvet – in the right size for you

Too big, too small, too short or too long... nothing is more annoying than a duvet that does not fit perfectly on your bed. Because you can only get a good night’s sleep if you don’t have to spend all your time tossing and turning to get the position of your duvet just right.

How big does your duvet have to be?

What you definitely want to avoid is a duvet that hangs over the bed and drapes onto the floor. These duvets are far too heavy and you won’t get a good night’s sleep. But what size should you get? Bear these tips in mind when looking for the most suitable duvet for your bed!

  • The width of your down duvet: make sure you have an overhang of about 20 to 30 centimetres on both sides.
  • The length of your down duvet: use the size of your mattress as a guide.

When you crawl under your duvet, the duvet lifts up slightly and falls into the perfect position on the mattress. Perfect for shielding you from the (cold) room temperature at night.

Example: If you have a 160 x 200 cm mattress, we will make you a 200 x 200 cm duvet.

Made-to-measure duvets by Fja-Oeyen

At Fja-Oeyen, all our duvets are made to measure. So you always have a duvet that fits your bed perfectly. And if you ever decide to buy a bigger or a smaller bed, that’s no problem! We will adjust your duvet for you. So you can enjoy our unique quality for many more years to come.


Other factors that play a role in the perfect night's rest


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