The difference between down and feathers?

In some of our down duvets we also use a combination of down and feathers. Both options are great, especially when compared to a synthetic filling. But what is the difference between down and feathers?

The biggest difference is where you find them on the goose. Feathers are located on the wings and the outer layer of the body. They help to protect the animal from cold and wet, making them heavier and stiffer. The hard quill can sometimes be quite prickly, especially when a lot of feathers have been used in the filling. But those quills can also break, so the filling needs to be replaced after a while.

Down, on the other hand, is found between the feathers on the goose’s belly and is not attached to the body with a quill. This results in a lighter material that also insulates well. This is the only way for a goose to maintain its body temperature in cold regions.

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