The difference between goose down and duck down

Duck down provides excellent insulation and super-soft comfort. This also makes it a fantastic product for achieving the ultimate night’s sleep. It is also cheaper, partly because goose down is scarcer. But duck down is of a slightly lower quality.

  • The clusters are smaller than those of goose down, so you need more to fill the duvet.
  • Duck down is also a less effective insulator than goose down, which means you need more down and therefore end up with a heavier duvet.
  • Duck down absorbs less moisture and is therefore less suitable for people who tend to sweat easily during the night.
  • Duck down and feathers are also less flexible and less durable, so they do not last as long and thus provide a little less comfort.

Duck down is therefore a good choice for your wallet. But if you really want the ultimate night’s sleep, a duvet with real goose down is the best option.


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