Delicious light

For all our customers who are already lucky enough to dream the night away under a duvet from Fja-Oeyen, the lightness of our down is the most important factor. Many people think that a thicker and heavier duvet offers more warmth, but that is not actually true. It is the quality of down that guarantees you a blissful night.

The advantages of down for the ultimate night’s sleep

Light yet warm

Larger down clusters means a lighter and better insulating duvet. So you can enjoy a pleasant temperature without having to wrap up against the cold. Down retains your own body heat and ensures that air circulates effectively through the filling. A duvet from Fja-Oeyen shields you from the temperature of your bedroom, so you can sleep under the same down duvet all year round.

Animal friendly

At Fja-Oeyen, we always work with the very best quality filling. The high-quality goose down has also been acquired in an animal-friendly manner. Because our down only comes from freely bred and healthy geese from cold regions.

A duvet made of 100% down creates a blissful combination of cosiness and warmth and a fantastic lightness that really makes you feel good!

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Other factors that play a role in the perfect night's rest


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