Handcrafted down duvets
Bespoke artisanal duvets made for dreaming

The purest goose down and the finest finish: that’s what you can expect from Fja-Oeyen. Unbeatable Belgian quality, manufactured in our own workshop from start to finish. For four generations, all down duvets by Fja-Oeyen have been made according to our own tradition and using the highest quality materials. Because only 100% down gives you the lightest down duvet and the best insulation, the perfect ingredients for a soft and luxurious duvet.

Wonderfully light

For many of our customers, the lightness of our down is the most important factor. Because it’s not the thickness of the filling that’s important – it’s the quality that counts. Only 100% down gives you the best insulation.


A 100% cotton shell ensures that your down is securely encased and the filling is optimally protected against moisture. The finely woven fabric does not allow down to pass through and ensures optimal ventilation. For the ultimate night’s sleep!


Thanks to the natural down used by Fja-Oeyen, you get a wonderfully light down duvet that will still keep you lovely and warm – all year round. Because the unique texture of real goose down offers many more possibilities than synthetic fillings.

Bespoke duvets

We are committed to helping you get the best night’s sleep. At Fja-Oeyen, your duvet is tailor-made to suit your bed and your sleeping habits. So you get the duvet that is literally made for you.


After a wash in our laundry, your duvet will have the same high quality as the day you bought it. We clean both the shell and the filling to ensure an extra clean result. And if necessary, we also refill your down. A dream service!


Thanks to the excellent breathable qualities of our down, the filling stays dry and dust mites don’t have a chance to nest. The shell is also so tightly woven that the critters don’t even have the opportunity to penetrate it.

Beautifully finished

The best down deserves a fantastic finish. At Fja-Oeyen, we customise the finish of all our duvets using one of our four methods. Because by distributing the filling correctly, you can enjoy the perfect balance in your duvet.


Our down filling is guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep. Compared to other fillings, our duvets made of 100% down never need to be refilled. That’s why we offer a lifetime guarantee on our 100% down fillings. Quality that lasts a lifetime!

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