Let us wash your down duvet for you
and enjoy that fresh feeling
for years to come!

A duvet by Fja-Oeyen will last a lifetime. And to make sure it does, your duvet deserves an invigorating wash with soapy water once in a while. Although with a real 100% duvet by Fja-Oeyen, you don’t have to do that all too often; every seven years is enough to enjoy the same, fresh quality for years to come.

But washing the duvet in your own washing machine only cleans the shell. And taking your duvet to the dry-cleaners is completely out of the question: chemical cleaning breaks down the natural protective layer of the down clusters so your duvet immediately loses its quality.

A professional laundry service for your down

The best option is to let the Fja-Oeyen professional down laundry service take care of the cleaning for you. After being washed by our cleaning service, your down feels like it did on the day you got it! We separate the down from the shell and clean both parts separately with soap and water to remove dust. This is the only way to guarantee that your duvet is super clean.

And with our laundry service you get the total package! Not only do we come and collect your down from your home, we also refill the filling after cleaning and adjust the size of your duvet if necessary. A dream service!

Washing down and duvet shells

Washing down and duvet shells

Adjusting the size

Adjusting the size

Refilling the down

Refilling the down

How much does the Fja-Oeyen professional cleaning service cost?

The price for a wash depends on several factors, such as the condition, age and size of your duvet. Contact us for more information. Even if you bought your duvet elsewhere, we’d be more than happy to take care of your down.

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