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Fja-Oeyen makes the best down duvets. In an era of mass consumption where a throw-away culture has evolved, we go against the stream to make lasting quality. We work by hand, following our own traditions, lovingly passed down and refined over four generations of genuine craftsmen. What should you expect from a Fja-Oeyen duvet? • Artisanal tailoring, local production, dedication to sustainability & a commitment to environmental and animal friendliness. We continuously refine our practices, adding new insights and proudly communicating with our customers to give them those helpful tips that ensure they get the most out of their down duvets.

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The best down duvets, thanks to quality tailoring and artisanal touches

Fja-Oeyen down duvets and bed linen are tailor-made to your exact requirements. Our family company has also been recognised as artisanal craftspeople by the Belgian Federal Public Service for Economy, SMEs, and Self-Employed and our products proudly carry the ‘Handmade in Belgium’ label of authenticity.

The best down duvets thanks to local production

We handmake the very best down duvets and accessories at our workshop in Mol. You’ll discover the quality is unbeatable. Made by hand, our products follow a very short chain to you. You’ll find our products exclusively in our showrooms, our webshop and at trade shows, exhibitions and fairs. Would you like to take a look behind the scenes? No problems! Make your appointment for a visit to our workshop, our down-laundering facilities and our showroom in Mol.

The best down duvets, sustainability guaranteed

Fja-Oeyen is a pioneer when it comes to sustainability. We are up-front and proud of our products, using excellent quality materials and designs that, when treated correctly, ensure your duvet will last a lifetime.

The best down duvets for people, the environment and the animal world

Fja-Oeyen was there when EN 12934, the standard for down quality, came to life. A number of different elements helped to define it, including the colour and origins of a down filling, the species of bird the down comes from and the ratio of down and feathers, expressed as a percentage of the total filling. We have taken extra steps to make sure our products stand out.

History: from clothes to the best down duvets

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History: from clothes to the best down duvets - grootvader
History: from clothes to the best down duvets - grootvader

I’ve been sleeping under a Fja-Oeyen down duvet since 1976 and I simply love it!

Marie Josee Ketelslegers



Fja-Oeyen down duvets and bed linen are handcrafted in the company’s own workshop in Mol, Belgium. We maintain our own traditions. These have been handed down from generation to generation, and refined over the years.

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Duvets are designed different ways. The most common are cassette style duvets and channel style duvets, which may or may not be fitted with a baffle or soufflet (concertina type inner wall). Cassette construction using diamond or square sections is used for heavier grades of down. This is because these fillings can sink too quickly in a channel style duvet.

Double duvets and combinable duvets are the heaviest. These types of duvets mean you are covered by 6 layers of fabric, which obviously saves on filling. However, it also means that you are sleeping under something that no longer provides the pleasant feeling of a high-quality duvet.

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A down duvets that tells a story

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