What are the differences between synthetic fillings and a real down filling?

What are the differences between synthetic fillings and a real down filling?

Synthetic down - mostly polyester - is the cheapest possible filling. A synthetic duvet feels relatively lighter than a wool blanket.

The disadvantage is that a synthetic down blanket does not insulate optimally, quickly feels damp and can only be washed in its entirety.


With a synthetic filling you gradually detect wear & tear of the material. Your blanket thus gradually loses its thickness.

Also, washing your synthetic blanket does not really help much. In the sense that the filling of a synthetic blanket cannot be removed. So in practice, only the upholstery is washed really well. Moreover, this covering acts as a sort of filter, which means that the dirt that has accumulated cumulatively within the filling…. stays inside it!

In other words, a synthetic "down blanket" can never really be perfectly cleaned.

Also in terms of comfort, it is less pleasant than a real down blanket. In the sense that it simply cannot absorb sweat - and we all do so to a greater or lesser extent  - during your sleep.


Real down is light, flexible and insulating. It automatically regulates your temperature and effortlessly absorbs perspiration. Real down is an organic natural product that contains air at the molecular level. Air is simply the very best insulation material there is. Consider, for example, double-glazed windows. There is a layer of air between the glass plates to achieve optimum insulation.

And being insulated is more pleasant than being warmed up. Because insulation protects you from the temperature in your bedroom. That is why a real down blanket guarantees the very best sleeping comfort all year round.

Moreover, thanks to the excellent air circulation, dust mites have no chance to nest.

Yes, a down comforter with real down is more expensive, but the investment pays for itself through its long life - on condition that you give it a professional wash at least every seven years.

Once you combine this with the knowledge that you get a lifetime guarantee from FJA-Oeyen on the filling of your down blanket, you know for sure that you’re really making the best choice of your life. You can sleep on your both ears.

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