Why does real down, as a natural material, offer you the highest sleeping comfort when used as a filling for your down comforter?

Why does real down, as a natural material, offer you the highest sleeping comfort when used as a filling for your down comforter?

A cuddly down blanket is not only for people who live up in the far north. Down blankets are available in various weights, qualities, colors and sizes for a cool sleep or one that will warm you during the coldest night. Because down is so light, it is one of the most comfortable and desirable fillings for a blanket.


Although you may not really think that the filling of your comforter is something that warrants much time and attention, it is important that you understand the difference between feathers and down because you will probably sleep much better in one than in the other !

At FJA-Oeyen, we strive to meet everyone's needs, regardless of your personal preference for sleeping, and understand how important it is to ensure that you, as a customer, get the very best night's sleep.


So let's look at how feather and down blankets differ, and how they can affect your sleep.




Probably the biggest difference between down and feathers is due to the different parts of the goose or duck where they are harvested from.


The feathers on geese and ducks cover the outside of the bird. These feathers are very soft and have a pin that goes through the middle, also called a goose feather. Their purpose is to help the birds fly, but also to keep them warm and dry.


Furthermore, feathers are heavier and larger than down. This is due to the central pin and the thicker hair-like strands.

The shape of the feathers is generally longer and flatter. That is why more is needed to provide the same amount of insulation as with down.




Unlike feathers found on the upper surface of the goose or duck, down is usually on the bird's belly.


Down is much softer and lighter than regular feathers.


Another feature of down is that it is more insulating and can capture air more easily.


The more down you used to fill the blanket, the firmer and more insulating it becomes.


Now that you know the main difference between feathers and down, you probably want to know the pros and cons of both and why you should sleep better under one of both.


Benefits of feathers


One of the biggest advantages of a feather-filled down comforter is that, because feathers are generally heavier than down, the comforter is usually more supportive, which may be important to you.


Another advantage of feather-filled comforters is that they keep you warm, but without you ever experiencing this as unpleasant warmth.


A quilt filled with feathers will help to regulate your body at a comfortable temperature and thus support your sleeping comfort.


Disadvantages of feathers


Probably the biggest disadvantage of feather comforters is that, because they have the hard pins that run through each feather, these can sometimes poke through the comforter, which feels pretty uncomfortable.


If you have ever slept under a feather comforter, you know exactly what we mean! The larger the feathers used in the comforter, the greater the chance that the pins will poke you.


Another drawback of feather comforters is that the feathers can escape from the blankets.


Benefits of down


If you are looking for a comforter that keeps you cozy and warm, a down comforter has the advantage that it is probably the warmest option to go for! This is mainly because the down clusters capture the air more easily and insulate even better than feathers.


Another advantage of down is that your comforter will last longer and will be more durable, which is also important to take into account of course.


Cons of down


Duvets with a real down filling last longer than feather-filled blankets, but one of the disadvantages is that down blankets can be more expensive.


Some people may be allergic to down or feathers. If you are allergic to down, this is a disadvantage for you.


Both feathers and down are great options, certainly in comparison with a synthetic filling. Because they are comfortable and they have the advantage that they keep you nice and warm in bed without ever overheating your body!


Remember that with a lower weight of down you get the same insulating factor and feeling of warmth as with a higher weight of feathers. So if you want the highest sleeping comfort, the combination of a lightweight blanket with the most pleasant warmth, then you need to opt for real down.

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