Washing a down duvet:

You only have to wash a down duvet every so often, but to guarantee maximum hygiene, it’s best to have it washed professionally. It’s natural and necessary to sweat: it keeps your body temperature under control, with the evaporation of your sweat droplets cooling your skin. You also sweat at night. How much? That varies from person to person and depends on countless factors such as your age, fitness, use of medicine, the temperature in your bedroom and your bedding materials to name just a few. Excessive sweating at night may have a negative effect on the quality of your sleep. The good news? With the right down duvet, you’ll sweat less, your sleep will be more hygienic and it will be better – especially if you wash your down duvet when it’s due.

Is it ok to wash your down comforter in your own washing machine?

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Personal advice
You regularly wash the cover for your down duvet, your pillow case and your mattress protector. You don’t need to wash your down duvet quite so often. At least ... not if you choose a down duvet from Fja-Oeyen. The reason is simple: our down duvets are handmade and filled with the very best quality 100 per cent genuine down. They feel as light as a feather, offer complete freedom of movement and excellent insulation so that you never feel too warm or too cold. Result: you sweat less than with a synthetic duvet or a low-quality down duvet.
Do you know why not to dry clean a down duvet? It’s a good question. Basically, dry cleaning uses chemicals that damage the natural protective qualities of down. You’ll end up irreversibly damaging your down.
Washing a down duvet in the washing machine is not a good idea either. First of all, most washing machines aren’t designed for the volume of a duvet. Plus, you’ll only make the outside clean. Because if you wash your down duvet in its entirety, the pollutants will stay trapped inside the shell of the duvet.

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Professional laundering for down

The only reliable – and the most hygienic – solution is to wash the filling and the shell separately. Fja-Oeyen advises you to have your down duvet cleaned professionally every seven years. For this, you can rely on our professional down laundry. Expect a total service: pick up of your down duvet, the washing and laundering itself, refilling and topping up, reworking and a return to your home when the process is complete.

Wash the down and the duvet shell separately

In our professional laundry for washing down, we separate the down and the shell for washing with soap and water: the best way to get the pollutants out and ensure any dust mites are gone, leaving you with a clean, allergy-free duvet. After the dirt and pollutants have been washed away, we dry everything at 120°C. We treat the down with ultraviolet light, after which we cool it. This way, the down opens up nicely and is as soft and airy as ever.

Topping up your down duvet

Depending on the quality of the down in your duvet, it may need topping up. It’s particularly necessary for down duvets that are filled with a mixture of down and feathers; feathers have a hollow shaft that crumbles over time. These little pieces don’t keep you warm anymore, so we filter them out and replace them with the same quality mixture of down and feathers as you originally had. This way, your down duvet is as good as new.

Adjusting your down duvet

Have you recently bought a larger bed? No problem. Because we empty your duvet, it’s easy for us to lengthen the duvet shell, widen it or even adjust the amount of down.

The price of professional cleaning

The price for washing your down duvet depends on the state it’s in, its size and its age. Contact us for more information or request a quote here. Even if you bought your down duvet somewhere else, we will be happy to make sure it’s as clean as can be.

Tips for optimal maintenance

As well as a wash every seven years, there are other steps for you to take to optimise your enjoyment of your down duvet and to promote a good night’s sleep. We have outlined the most important tips:

Take your down duvet out of the packaging and let it breathe on your bed. This way, it will fill itself with air and will increase in volume. After half an hour, put your down duvet in a fresh duvet cover or slip. Make sure that the channels run in the same direction as you lie when you’re in bed. What if you won’t be using your down duvet right away? Keep it in the packaging for the time being.
DAILY: Give your duvet a good shake every morning. A good airing gives your down duvet oxygen and makes sure that it will be nice and airy the next night. Don’t make your bed as soon as you get up in the morning. Instead, it’s best to leave it lying open for a little while to allow your mattress to breathe as well. Open your bedroom windows in the morning for at least half an hour for better airflow.
WEEKLY:Clean your bedding every week for optimal sleeping hygiene. Take the cover or slip off your duvet, turn it inside-out, close the zip and wash it following the washing instructions. Use this opportunity to further air your down duvet. Turn your duvet 180 degrees before you put it into a fresh cover.
A few times a year, let your down duvet air outside when it’s dry – regardless of the temperature. To protect your down duvet, keep it out of direct sunlight; it’s best to leave it in its cover. Looking for more tips about washing your down duvet, sleep hygiene or a good night’s sleep? Check our page of tips to sleep like a baby! Or visit one of our showrooms where you’ll have first class service and the answers to all your questions.