Buy from a specialist who can show you what the fabric is actually covering. If necessary, have the duvet opened up, and why not? Specialists who fill their duvets themselves are only too pleased to let you have a look around in their workshop. You are actually doing them a favour!

Check whether the European Norm 12934 is mentioned, check the classification and if the letter A is mentioned. Read more about the European standard.

Real down will last a lifetime. Fja-Oeyen has been making down duvets in Mol in Belgium for nearly 60 years, over four generations ... You do not need to worry about your guarantee.

Down can be laundered, in fact cleaning is essential. Ideally, it should be separated from the fabric and laundered with water and detergent at a very high temperature, Water is not a problem for down, after all it does originate in waterfowl. Read more about aftercare.

If your purchase meets all these requirements, you can rest assured.

Sleep better


Poor sleep is bad for your health. Even so, a good night's sleep for many of us these days is but a dream. Follow the tips below for rapid improvements to your sleeping patterns.

• Ventilate your bedroom for half an hour every day.
• Make sure your room is dark because light stimulates your brain.
• On average, we need 8 hours of sleep per night. Try to go to sleep at the same time as much as possible, and wake up likewise.
• Sufficient activity throughout the day ensures a good night’s sleep.
• Choose a good bed base and a mattress that is adapted to your body.
• Choose natural pillows and blankets (such as down pillows and down duvets from Fja-Oeyen) that allow your body to breathe while you sleep.
• Lightly fluff up your down duvet every morning, and if possible air it next to the window.
Change your bed linen once a week.


If you want to sleep better, then there are some things that you should avoid. The principal culprits?

• Do not put screens in your bedroom. No TVs, computers, tablets or smartphones. The brightness of the screen is too strong, which keeps you awake. It is best to stop using any of these devices at least an hour before going to sleep.
• Worrying hinders sleep. Focus on your ultralight Fja-Oeyen down duvet, enjoy your soft sheets... let your senses shift.
• Difficulty in falling asleep? Do not toss and turn in bed, but get up and read a bit or listen to some music until you feel tired.
• Do not overeat before bedtime, have a light and easily-digestible evening meal instead.
• Avoid taking medications right before bedtime. They often affect your sleep. In addition, sleeping pills are certainly not a good idea.
• Do not be seduced by the 'nightcap'; in the long-term, alcohol is counterproductive.
• Limit powernaps during the day to 30 minutes, and never take them after 3 in the afternoon.