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Convinced by a sweet lady
After 76 years without a fja Oeyen duvet, I am convinced by a sweet lady who comes to take care of us, that it was high time to switch to the real duvet. Thank you dear lady, it's the best thing that ever happened to me! Such a pleasure, never any problem, always sleep at the right temperature. It was a pleasure to receive the explanation from fja and the service is excellent. Thank you and I hope that I will come soon to choose some pillows to make my sleep even more pleasant. (translated)
B. De Pauw, Arendonk
By family recommendation
For a long time I was looking for a duvet under which both my husband and I could find a perfect night's sleep. Eventually, after a few wrong purchases, I ended up at Fja-Oeyen's shop because of family recommendations. Testing the duvet was so great that I didn't want to return it and bought it immediately! A good investment. (translation)
J. Van Gool, Wommelgem
When we got married...
When we got married, my husband already had a real fja-oeyen duvet. Today 27 years later we are still very happy with it. We've already had it washed with them a few times, had them enlarge it and had a new cover placed around it. All this with excellent service! We are still very satisfied! (translation)
L. Van Dessel, Oelegem

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