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Duvets from Fja-Oeyen:
a good night’s sleep!

Go to bed on time and always at the same time. Avoid alcohol and caffeine before you sleep. Air your bedroom. And avoid screen time too ... You’ve undoubtedly seen the many tips for better sleep. But did you know that the quality of your duvet also plays a part in a good night’s rest? This is why you benefit from choosing a top-quality duvet – one made following the tricks of the trade, and filled with pure, genuine down. In short, a duvet from Fja-Oeyen! Make the right choice. It’s time you wake up feeling truly rested!

A Fja-Oeyen
down duvet
you a lifetime
of delightful sleep.

The Belgian family company Fja-Oeyen has the guarantee for ultimate sleep comfort: a handmade duvet of the highest quality. With a filling of responsibly farmed down: our animal-friendly approach relies on specially bred geese and ducks that live in free-range conditions in cold climates. At Fja-Oeyen, you’ll find different sorts of 100 per cent pure down, all with lifetime guarantees. We also offer mixed down products with 90 or 75 per cent down and 10 to 25 per cent feather content.
Our fitted sheets, duvet covers and other textiles are crafted in our own workshops. They’re exclusively available in ecologically responsible materials such as pure cotton, damask, satin and 100 per cent silk. In short, top quality materials that are easy to iron, have excellent hygiene and a long lifespan. Needless to say, our bedding textiles are perfect for use with your duvet. And because our textiles are provided with practical openings with zipper closings, you’ll have no problems putting your duvet inside a fresh cover. Appearance is important too. You’ll be glad to know we follow the trends and innovations, both technical and visual. Hip motifs, romantic tints, sober colours and more: the choice is yours. Would you like to know more about our range?
A perfect duvet is one thing. But to wake up fit and healthy in the morning, your body also need optimal support. A good base and mattress are just as important. At Fja-Oeyen, you’ll find single and double beds, bases and mattresses, all of which meet your strictest requirements, and all of which are available as fixed or electrically adjustable models. As a distributer of the Auping collections, we will meet all your sleep needs with products that are unbeatable in terms of comfort, form and sustainability.


For nearly sixty years, Fja-Oeyen Mol has been synonymous with handmade quilts with high-quality down.

Gust Oeyen, disappointed by the quality of purchased down duvets, started making down duvets manually in the late 1950s. Every made-to-measure product that left the workshop was registered in a booklet by hand. This tradition has been maintained to this day and has been passed on from generation to generation, together with the tricks of the trade and a passion for the profession.

Currently, the third generation of Piet Oeyen and wife An is at the helm, while the fourth generation is represented by the entrance of sons Flip and Rik.

Authenticity and tradition, together with craftsmanship and quality, are to this day the highest priorities. All of which pays off, because demand is rising for sustainable, authentic products. Even at a time when high labour costs have reduced craftsmanship in Belgium to a rarity, Fja-Oeyen opened a second shop in 2012 right next to the Bourla Theatre in Antwerp.

A duvet from Fja-Oeyen will be with you for life, on the condition that you air it and give it a thorough wash every seven years. Don’t rely on a dry cleaner or a regular washing machine, but turn to the special laundering and maintenance service from Fja-Oeyen.
The only correct and hygienic approach to laundering a down duvet is to wash the filling and the duvet shell separately. Rely on our professional down laundry for this; we wash the down and the shell separate with soap and water. Does your duvet need to be topped up? We filter and remove any broken feather shafts and top up your duvet with the same quality filling as you originally had.
Professional washing costs time and money. How much exactly? It depends on factors such as the size of your duvet, the condition it’s in and its age. You should be able to count on an average price of X euro. You’ll have a lot in return: a duvet that’s as good as new, picked up and delivered to you, ready for a good night’s sleep.


Poor sleep is bad for your health. Even so, a good night's sleep for many of us these days is but a dream. Follow the tips below for rapid improvements to your sleeping patterns.

• Ventilate your bedroom for half an hour every day.
• Make sure your room is dark because light stimulates your brain.
• On average, we need 8 hours of sleep per night. Try to go to sleep at the same time as much as possible, and wake up likewise.
• Sufficient activity throughout the day ensures a good night’s sleep.
• Choose a good bed base and a mattress that is adapted to your body.
• Choose natural pillows and blankets (such as down pillows and down duvets from Fja-Oeyen) that allow your body to breathe while you sleep.
• Lightly fluff up your down duvet every morning, and if possible air it next to the window.
• Change your bed linen once a week.



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